In 2001 a small construction company was born with the name of ZHL GROUP INC. This small corporation specialized in structural steel and foundation work that catered to the local larger construction firms. Utilizing its own manpower and its ability to build with extreme speed and efficiency, ZHL GROUP INC caught the eye and the business of many local construction companies. This popularity and a large wave of new incoming business had commenced the rapid growth of ZHL GROUP INC.





Having rightfully earned the title of a General Construction & Construction Management Services firm ZHL GROUP INC. continues to strive for Excellency in the field of construction. From the beginning to the present we concentrated on residential luxury condominium developments. We have filled our portfolio with a considerable amount of these type of developments and continue to be loyal to that trade as we have developed a certain skill and technique to building these structures. 











Always having a concrete plan for the future ZHL GROUP INC. is now engaged in further enhancing and up keeping the beautiful city of New York by restoring some of its very important landmarks such as Ft. Totten. Staying close to our community we are also rehabilitating New York's Fire Houses. In the future we hope to stay loyal to the residential aspect of construction, which gave ZHL GROUP INC. its life. While at the same time building up our community in this already beautiful City of New York.



President of ZHL GROUP INC.

Yevgeniy Lvovskiy



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1824 East 17 Street | Brooklyn, New York

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